R&D Expertise

ISI conducts basic and applied research across an exceptionally wide range of advanced information processing, computer and communications technologies. Our expertise ranges from core engineering and computer science discovery to design, modeling and implementation of innovative prototypes and devices – often bridging multiple technology disciplines, areas of expertise and traditional silo research approaches.

We work closely with our agency sponsors and partner institutions to explore and develop high-impact information technologies for civilian and military uses.  ISI focuses on:

  • Advanced Electronics:  low-cost, small-volume integrated circuit research and fabrication through our MOSIS service, novel CMOS extensions and post-CMOS concepts; and low power, high-performance embedded systems, including biomimetics.
    MOSIS  -  Disruptive Electronics  -  Advanced Systems
  • Computational Systems and Technology:  software and hardware supercomputing approaches, systems-on-a-chip, high-performance computing and scalable systems that aid complex decision-making, among other initiatives; adiabatic quantum computing.
    Computational Sciences  -  Quantum Computing  -  Adaptive Parallel Execution
  • Informatics Systems Research:  grid computing, information security, service-oriented architectures, imaging and medical informatics that aim to transform healthcare discovery processes, practice and delivery.
  • Artificial Intelligence:  artificial intelligence in natural language, machine translation, information integration, education, robotics and other disciplines.
    Natural Language  -  Knowledge Technologies  -  Information Integration
  • Networking and Cybersecurity:  internet security research and international testbed, internet measurement and monitoring approaches, and sensor networks that emphasize both networking theory and practice.
  • Space Systems and Technology: Global space applications, disruptive engineering, hands-on student education to create a second-generation space workforce, and novel space science and exploration capabilities through the Space Engineering Research Center, a collaboration with the USC Viterbi
  • Vision, Image, Speech and Text Analytics: ISI's Center for Vision, Image, Speech and Text Analytics (VISTA) is an internationally recognized leader in areas such as multimedia signal processing, computer vision, and natural language analysis.