Executive Leadership

Prem Natarajan, Ph.D.

Michael Keston Executive Director and Research Professor, USC Information Sciences Institute

Premkumar Natarajan is Michael Keston Executive Director of ISI, a vice dean of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and a professor of computer science. At ISI, he leads managerial and technical directions Institute-wide, including research, development and the MOSIS electronic chip brokerage. He also heads teams in his areas of expertise: novel approaches to face, handwriting, character, handwriting and speech recognition...MORE ›

Yigal Arens, Ph.D.

Director, Intelligent Systems

Yigal Arens directs ISI’s Intelligent Systems division, one of the United States’ largest and most respected artificial intelligence laboratories. Under Arens’ nine-year leadership, the division has grown to over 100 researchers who span the full range...MORE ›

David Barnhart, M.Eng.

Director, Space Technology and Systems

David Barnhart leads ISI’s Space Systems and Technology group, which combines disruptive research with a hands-on, small-satellite design and launch for USC Viterbi students. Barnhart’s specialties include second-generation space morphology design, robotics applied to and with satellites, and application-based engineering capabilities...MORE ›

Stephen P. Crago, Ph.D.

Director, Computational Sciences and Technology

Led by Stephen Crago, ISI's Computational Sciences and Technology division seeks to solve complex science, engineering and defense problems through novel supercomputing and other approaches. He directs experts in adaptive parallel execution, including cloud computing, multicore software...MORE ›

John N. Damoulakis, Ph.D.

Director, Advanced Electronics

John N. Damoulakis has more than 30 years’ experience in research concept definition, advanced technology development, technology transition to operations, and technology management. A recipient of the Franklin Institute’s Levy medal for international contributions to optimal control and estimation theory, Damoulakis' expertise...MORE ›

Carl Kesselman, Ph.D.

Director, Informatics Systems Research

Carl Kesselman leads ISI's Informatics Systems Research initiatives area. Created to help transform the discovery processes, practice and delivery of healthcare worldwide, informatics spans grid computing, information security, service-oriented architectures, and imaging and medical informatics...MORE ›

Derek Lazzaro, J.D.

Chief Information Officer

As CIO of the USC Information Sciences Institute, Derek works closely with the Institute's project leaders to develop IT strategies and services that complement and enhance computer science research operations. Derek also serves as a key representative for ISI as it seeks new partnerships and collaborations, both within the USC community and beyond....MORE ›

Daniel Marcu, Ph.D.

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Daniel Marcu leads ISI’s strategic initiatives, which include exploration of emerging technical themes and new engagement models across ISI. His own research focuses on large-scale natural language processing, including discourse processing, education, language generation, machine learning, machine translation, semantics and...MORE ›

James Whalen, M. Phil.

Chief Financial Officer

James Whalen leads the Administrative Services Division at ISI, an organization committed to providing world class support to the research community at the Institute. Achieving this objective is the result of attracting, developing and retaining an excellent team of committed, skilled and knowledgeable individuals...MORE ›

John Wroclawski, M.S.E.E.

Director, Internet and Networked Systems

As director of ISI’s Internet and Networked Systems initiatives, John Wroclawski leads research into Internet protocols and architecture, sensor nets, system security and space systems networking. His expertise includes large, decentralized systems such as the Net, systems aspects of pervasive computing, and...MORE ›