CAERUS Telemetry Data & QSL Card
CAERUS Telemetry Data & QSL Card

Shown here is a sample of the expected raw telemetry as its recieved at the ground station for user's reference:

KJ6FIX-1>CQ,TCPIP [04/29/09 02:58:16] <UI>:


Attached is a java application that can be used to decode telemetry found in your downlinked file:  beacondecoder.jar

Usage (for Caerus Telemetry in "file_name.txt"):

java -jar BeaconDecoder.jar file_name.txt

Also attached is some sample beacon data that you can use to test this out, here: beacon_data.txt

Listed below are the parameters to de-code the CAERUS Beacon telemetry packet information upon recieving it (manually as opposed to the JAVA script file).  

Please send RAW temetry information recieved to the following e-mail with "Pass" in the title of the e-mail:

For a QSL contact card to be sent, please provide your information in an e-mail with the title of "QSL CARD" to  An example of the QSL card for CAERUS/MAYFLOWER is shown below: